Microterry Inserts - 2 pack


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AppleCheeks™ has done it again! Pair these microterry inserts with the hybrid envelope cover for a perfect duo. 

There are two sides to the insert. The white side of the insert is the sty-dry microFLEECE side and the white side with red stitching is the absorbent microTERRY side of the insert. Depending on which cloth diapering method you plan to use (cover+insert method or pocket method) it is important to note that the microTERRY side of this insert is super absorbent and should NOT be placed against your babies skin as it may cause irritation and rashes.

When placed ON the cover for the cover+insert method, the white side faces UP. When placed IN the cover for the pocket method, the red stitching side faces UP. Use these inserts alone for daytime use, or in combination with AppleCheeks™ 2-pli and 3-pli inserts for super nighttime absorbency!


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