Hello to all those who have been affected by delayed shipping with us since BFCM,
We are reaching out to provide you with more information in regards to the shipping status on a recent purchase that you made with us here at Great Lakes Baby Company (GLBC).
Here at GLBC we strive to provide excellent customer service and always work towards doing the right thing when it comes to our customers. It was brought to our attention by a few customers that their packages were not moving and were stuck “in transit” with USPS. Initially we thought that this had only happened to a few of our customers, but after reviewing every one of our orders placed during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals we were disheartened to reveal that almost twenty of our packages are still open and experiencing these extreme package delays. We cannot express how sorry we are that this is happening to you and especially with the holidays rapidly approaching.
We decided to print out the shipping information on these outstanding orders and went in person to the USPS shipping facility that these packages were dropped off at to get an update. We wish that we could provide you with some better news, but that is not what we got. Here is what transpired. We were told that this facility is short staffed, we were told that these packages could be up to one month behind in shipping, and we were told that we should advise our customers not to place orders with us until after the new year. Let us tell you that there were no postings at this facility explaining the long delays when we had released these packages into their care. If they would have been transparent with us, we could have mitigated these issues and chose a number of different options such as selecting a different shipping facility, choosing a different package carrier service, or upgrading customer shipping. We have no intention of telling our customers not to order with us because of a failure on USPS’s end to be staffed properly.
Our other frustration is that these packages were dropped off within one to two days after being placed. We had a large volume of orders to pack and it took our entire Black Friday weekend, but we managed to get all of these packages out on time. After delivery, it appears that USPS put all of these packages in another area of their facility to handle at a later time. This means that scans on when these packages were received are not accurate and three of our orders still look like they are in pre-shipment, where we created a label and did not drop it off at the facility. We assure you all that every order was dropped off in person to USPS on time. We were told that if the barcode gets damaged or has a wrinkle or any other reason why it cannot be scanned that they will not manually enter the package into their system at that facility. Instead, they put the package on a truck and ship it to a larger facility where they manually enter the numbers there. We are in complete shock over this and expressed that this is not a good process and is a sure recipe for losing packages that have been dropped off in good faith.
So this is where we are at. We will not be shipping future packages with this USPS facility going forward. We are monitoring your packages from our end. There is a lot out of our control, but we know this is not fair to you all. Please let us know how we can help you. We are willing to work individually with each and every one of you to ensure the best results going forward. You are and always have been our number one priority.
Jackie & Bret
Owners, Great Lakes Baby Company



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